Tuesday, July 7, 2015

31. Back Burner

Does God ever lose track of us - put us on the back-burner mid-scheme as something new and wonderful pops into His mind and commands his attention?

Has He ever put a thing into motion and then let His mind wander and leave the miracle of creation he had been fostering to go it alone, a wonder how things had just petered out after having gotten off to such a wonderful start?

How many prophecies ended mid-sentence and were left a fragment in a potential prophet's mind?

How many epic tales ended on a dock in some seaside village because God turned his attention elsewhere and the would-be hero noticed a fetching maid selling fish and thought he might mosey over and chat and I suppose that quest-thingy can wait a bit?

How many divine plans have withered for lack of attention, cultivars gone wild and flourished or drooped and died because His hands became busy with a star system that just wasn't quite right, or some exciting new bacteria?

How many unfinished masterpieces litter His studio?

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