Monday, January 14, 2013

10. Better

"I could never get over the tooth-sucking. Drove me nuts," as he topped off the cup.

"No, you could never get over the fact that she was better than you - heart and soul," came the reply from behind.

He turned around, hinting at a grin, "Wha ...? Fuck you."

"Fuck yourself. She's fabulous. I was always jealous. I'm still jealous. She was better than you," they were walking now, "and you couldn't stand to admit it, so you found a reason to get out. I don't blame you, really," out the door now, on the sidewalk, "you would have always been on the bottom in that relationship. Nothing worse than being beneath somebody who's not only better than you, but it better than you because she'd never see herself as above you - never more than an equal."

"You don't - really don't - know what the fuck you're talking about."

In the shelter of a burger joint's door - "Sure I do. She was better than me, too, but I would have changed. She'd be worth it. Looking into those eyes every day would make it worth it. Those eyes held everything - like fire. Everything."

With the smell of fresh french fries in his nose - "Yeah. They did. Fuck."

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