Sunday, January 13, 2013

5. Tigers

"Once a man has a tiger by the tail, all the reflection in the world about how he got himself into that situation isn't going to get him out of it. The past is meaningless. It's the future. He needs a plan."

"It sounds to me," she said, a catch in her throat, a small but perceptible wavering in her voice, "that what he needs is help."

"Yeah, but who could help?" he asked - or maybe he didn't ask as much as he mused, a touch of defeat or fatigue in his voice.

"The tiger, for one, if she was so inclined."

His eyes brightened for a moment, and then settled back again under that sort of mist they'd been hiding behind for the last week. He either thought it was a stupid plan, or knew he hadn't the energy to pull it off.

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