Monday, January 14, 2013

9.Sober Love

"I don't tell people I love them while I'm drunk, because I don't love people when I'm drunk. I reserve that pleasure for when I'm sober, or I don't love them at all."

"Ah. Anyone in particular you love at the moment?"

"You, of course."

"At first sight?" - this was meant to be funny, he thought.

"No." - an honest reply.

A moment of silence.

"It was worse than that. I liked you at first sight. Like is the seed from which love grows. No like - no love. Maybe lust, but never love. I liked you at first sight, and now I love you."

"Oh." - she was a bit stunned or put off or disinterested - he wasn't sure.

"I know it's a shock," he lied, "I'm sorry", he lied again.

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